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There are great collections of icons over the internet, free or premium, for web or printing purposes. I am sharing here my favourites, as a place to go to for inspiration in your designs or for download to use in your personal or commercial projects. Either way, I believe you are going to find them useful and there are pretty good chances to get in love with some of them as well 😉

The Noun Project

A very cool website looking to build a visual language of icons anybody can understand. They come in two styles, line & solid, and they can be created by anyone with the condition to follow certain guidelines in order to be approved for publication.

One of the founders, Edward Boatman, has also taught a free class on Skillshare which I find perfect if you are a very beginner in iconography and/or Adobe Illustrator. The project assignment is to create a set of symbols that tells the story of your day. Once completed, you are encouraged to upload them on the website which is exactly what I did 😀 and I am looking forward to expanding my collection!

Round Icons

I am completely hooked up by their flat round icons. They are sooo colourful and the animal collection, I just love it! The bee, the zebra, the elephant, the cow, the pig, the sheep, the owl (and I could go on and on 😯 ), just ADORABLE! (ain’t so?!)


They also have an amazing collection of yoga poses. And a very nice one of space icons! Or if you need an icon with Burj Al Arab or the London Eye, you can get that as well!

Bottom line, there is no way to leave the website without finding some pixel goodness, as on their count, you are able to dig into no less than 74.520 of them!

Icon Finder

This is probably the largest collection online with more than 450.000 icons. Search for anything and there are pretty good chances that you may find it 😀 except for “anything”, tried this one 😆 Also a wide range of styles including pixel, 3D and photorealistic.


Flat Icon

Only flat icons, mostly useful in web design. What sets them apart is that they have a generator incorporated that helps you convert icons into font icons so it’s worth checking it for your next project!


Icons Mind

Targeting mobile applications, you can find here vector icons with two different styles: line icons for the new iOS and solid icons for Android.


Hope this is some valuable information to you, please share if you are using any other awesome icon packs!


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