Everybody has a secret to hide under blocks of colors: should you reveal it or not?

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Pen doodle & Adobe Illustrator

Drops of time


Repetitive drops of time passing by… with goods and bads. Life is sometimes more colorful, other times more splashy – but we always need to embrace it, as it is definitively beautiful.

It makes sense for this to open my store on Society6, like a new drop of time in my life 🙂 If you’d like to visit it, you can find me here!

Passing by - abstract illustrations

Drops of time – abstract illustrations

Die Fabrik and le soleil


Hinting to some opposites here, that should be emphasised also by the colourful illustration and the language combo. Extra benefit: it makes me a polyglot!

Die Fabrik and le soleil - Vector illustration made in Adobe Illustrator

Die Fabrik and le soleil – Vector illustration made in Adobe Illustrator

Then, why not make a pattern out of it? I can see myself in some crazy leggings like these! :))


Die Fabrik and le soleil – Sample pattern

Do not play with food!


It’s always intriguing to find a new meaning to the everyday things and it’s also an act of rebellion to play with food to achieve this feeling.

I took a photo of a salad fruit and instead of posting it on Instagram, it was uploaded in Illustrator where I scaled down the image at different sizes and made a pattern. I changed the colours to make it pop, created lots of colourful backgrounds (here is the restricted version of me :|) and put together the GIF in Photoshop.

Rebel yourself, play with food!

Do not play with food! Illustration by Alice Cerconi

Do not play with food! Illustration

Already thinking of other tasteful stuff to create flying flowers with… any idea? 😀


One of the Brexit faces

Graphic Design, Inspiration

I am in love with Noma Bar’s work and I have showcased some of his illustrations before on the blog here. He is using very cleverly the negative space and symbols to bring forward the intended message. Once again he did it with a current topic of discussion, the Brexit, through a cover for the British daily newspaper “The Guardian”.

Cover by Noma Bar for The guardian publication

Cover by Noma Bar for “The Guardian” publication

This seems to express the disappointment for Great Britain leaving the European Union. First you see that the eye is shaped as a tear falling on what it seems to be the cheek of the British people, created out of the negative space of the EU flag. Then there are the curves of the face drawn in such way as to give the impression of an open mouth in a shout, which can be a symbol of the voices that voted to remain in the EU or the desolation felt after the results. With minimum elements, he manages to create a very powerful effect, don’t you think?

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” – Gone with the Wind


Gone with the Wind is a must see and there are a lot of nice quotes to choose from so it was a hard choice this one. I hope that I was able to combine Clark Gable’s masculinity with a bit of mystery that should conjure a kiss.

3/30 Picture Quote challenge – Quote from Gone with the Wind

3/30 Picture Quote challenge – Quote from Gone with the Wind

“Consider everything an experiment” by Sister Corita Kent


I stumbled on this quote that seems to be one of the rules defined by the artist and educator Sister Corita Kent for the art students engaged in creative processes. I instantly liked it and thought of ways of experimenting with it 🙂

My intent was to create a dynamic composition with brightly coloured geometric shapes that point to different directions in order to add movement. The shapes are slightly arranged in order to give a sense of the message, but I think that the multitude of colours and the different shapes convey a sort of haphazard display that I associate with the experimentation phase.

1/30 Picture Quote challenge – Quote by Sister Corita Kent

2/30 Picture Quote challenge – Quote by Sister Corita Kent

Interview with Tomm Moore


A very inspiring interview with Tomm Moore, an Irish director of the animation studio Cartoon Saloon with two Academy Awards nominations for The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song of the Sea (2014). What is really amazing is that both animations are entirely hand-drawn: The Secret of Kells is done on paper while for the Song of the Sea it was mostly used TVPaint.

He announced that the next film is called Wolf Walkers and the first images have been released on his tumblr. I am SO much looking forward to this one!